Our objectives are to transfer essential skills and help companies/organisations to develop a clear strategy towards completion of a professional Operations Manual. Therefore, we deliver bespoke Workshops to assist those considering franchising their businesses, and anyone new to franchising, so that they can understand:

  • The necessity for a generic professional Operations Manual
  • How an Operations Manual differs from a general procedures manual
  • How to develop Content; and
  • How to customise your Operations Manual for overseas markets, as required

The emphasis of each Workshop is on underpinning the Franchise Agreement, meeting minimum requirements for quality – with the aim of achieving service excellence across the Franchise Network.

Central to any Workshop is an Appraisal of the client’s current operations documentation so that delegate(s) learn what they need to undertake to make their Operations Manual more professional and how to apply the recommendations, solutions, tips and techniques taught during the Workshop.

Delegates also learn how to write procedures, the importance of viewpoint, basic editing and presentation skills.

Each Workshop:

  • Is held one to one – ie. only one client attends
  • Will be tailored to a Franchisor’s specific requirements
  • Caters for a maximum of three attendees
  • Is held at our Midlands Office

 The Customer Journey – A Core Workshop

Today, the emphasis is on delivering quality through service excellence. Very often, the Franchisor who is launching a new business, needs a bespoke solution that enables them to document the Customer Journey from initial enquiry to aftersales.

By attending this workshop, your franchisees will:

  • Understand your customers better
  • Know what makes your business uniquely different
  • Know what gives your business that WOW factor
  • Understand essential selling skills and how to use them
  • Know what to do when things go wrong

Feedback Workshops

For the experienced Franchisor, who needs to update their Operations Manual to meet the ongoing obligations of the Franchise Agreement, we offer an Appraisal, Feedback & Recommendation service. Feedback is provided in Workshop format.

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