Professional Editing

Professional Editing is much more than reading through a final draft.

It demands total immersion in the client’s Know-How and Business System from start to finish.

Professional editing provides the polish which makes the content easy to understand and easy to read. This means that Franchisees are more likely to read their Operations Manual and derive benefit from it to run their business successfully. This, in turn, benefits the Franchisor and the Network as a whole.

As a professional Editor:

  • I look at the bigger picture to help you discover greater potential in your Operations Manual and present possible strategies for achieving that potential. Often, the approach is phased using short (urgent), medium and longer-term goals
  • I help you to create a detailed Blueprint of what your Operations Manual will look like making it easier to populate with Content ready for professional editing
  • I copy edit from First to Final Draft, presented in a simple page format, ready for uploading to a password protected portal
  • I apply themes and the essential culture – your DNA – that your Master Franchisee / Franchisees will need to focus on when establishing, running and developing their business
  • I consider style, consistency, and grammatical correctness – and everything in the context of franchising or licensing, as appropriate
  • I look at issues such as the Section order, deletion of various sections or phrases, or even whole paragraphs, where there’s repetition, or wordiness blunting the focus
  • I work with every client as a Team Member coaching, supporting and providing advice as and when necessary
  • On completion, I always ask: Could I run the business using the systems and procedures detailed in this Operations Manual ?

With more than 40 years’ experience as a professionally trained Developmental Editor and Content Editor of trade, technical and specialist publications, and over 35 years’ experience in franchising, I am ideally placed to help you create a user-friendly structure for your Operations Manual and edit your Content to Final Approved Draft.

For further details please Penny Hopkinson on +44 (0) 7956 315750 or email me at