Our Expertise & Experience

As the Founder of Manual Writers International – and Managing PractitionerI have more than 40 years’ expertise and experience in structuring, authoring, editing and producing professional Franchise Operations Manuals.

I can advise and coach you on all the elements necessary to get your Franchise Operations Manual written – from a blank sheet of paper, through Pilot and Final Editions.

My expertise encompasses more than 40 years’ experience in trade, technical and specialist sectors and includes:

  • Leading and assisting small teams of contributors – usually functional heads of departments – to capture Know-How, processes and procedures thereby protecting their Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Developing Content Frameworks to underpin legal requirements and minimum operating standards
  • Projecting an organisation’s USP, Management Style and Values – ie. how we do business around here
  • Designing and matching Content to the type of Target Audience – eg. Corporate Franchise Partner, Managing Director, man with a van
  • Ensuring Compliance and Consistency
  • Transferring Project Management and associated skills
  • Developing a format and presentation appropriate to the Target Audience

I can:

  • Act as Editor-in-Chief, thereby ensuring a consistent style
  • Update an existing manual
  • Act as consultant and coach, helping you to produce your manual in-house
  • Be on hand for a set number of hours/days/weeks per month
  • Train a member of staff to handle updates in-house

In December 2011, I was appointed a Companion of the British Franchise Association (BFA) for an ‘outstanding contribution to franchising in the UK and the BFA’ as a key contributor to the BFA’s Code of Ethics and the Members’ Rule Book.

See also My Team.

For further details please contact Penny Hopkinson on +44 (0)7956 315750 or by email at ManualW@aol.com