Appraisal, Feedback & Recommendation Service

We can provide a Content Appraisal of your Franchise Operations Manual with Feedback & Recommendations. The more professional the Content, the better the understanding and compliance with Brand Standards.

  • Does your Operations Manual underpin the Franchise Agreement adequately ?
  • Are your procedures operational ?
  • Do you document how franchisees will measure, analyse and improve their business continuously ?

Within the context of franchising or licensing, we can undertake a Content Appraisal of what has been written already.

We can feedback and make recommendations on how:

  • An early draft Franchise Operations Manual can be developed or edited more professionally
  • An out-of-date Franchise Operations Manual can be restructured and rewritten

Under the Terms & Conditions of the Franchise Agreement, the Franchisor is obliged to keep the Operations Manual up to date – and relevant – and ensure that all amendments, modifications or additions to The System are covered, as appropriate. We provide a Content Appraisal, Feedback & Recommendation Service for Franchisors who need to amend, modify or upgrade their manuals.

Our detailed Appraisal, Feedback & Recommendation service is based on background information, the current Franchise Agreement and procedures written to date.

Recommendations should be considered the minimum necessary to ensure that:

Our Content Appraisal, Feedback & Recommendation Service covers compliance in accordance with the areas illustrated.
  • The Format is appropriate
  • The Structure & Contents is logical and user-friendly
  • The Content underpins the Franchise Agreement
  • Procedures are operational and clearly set out so that they are easily absorbed and understood
  • The Page Design & Layout make it user-friendly and easy to follow – particularly where English is not the reader’s first language

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